Having just found out at Kathryn’s birthday party that Craig and Naomie did, in fact, hook up in Vegas left Austen shocked.

“I literally had the covers pulled over my eyes,” Austen told Leva Bonaparte on the phone.

Leva admitted she actually had lunch with Craig and Naomie in Vegas right after they slept together, so she knew about the hookup for months. “I’m calling bulls— on one and done,” Austen said of whether Craig and Naomie hooked up again.

Leva agreed that Craig and Naomie have “way more feelings than those two are admitting to.”

Craig did indeed feel a little bit emotional pulling up to Naomie’s parents’ house for her “fresh start party.” At the party (also attended by Summer House alum and Charleston resident Everett Weston), Craig and Naomie fought about chewing ice.

“You know, it’s like a really big turn off for some people, apparently,” Naomie said to Craig.

Naomie also told vaguely Craig, “You were right. That’s all I’m going to say.” To which Craig responded, “Well, cheers!”

Craig picked up on a vibe that Naomie had lingering feelings for him. “I think that Naomie still has feelings for me that she had never dealt with,” he said in an confessional interview. “She kind of shelved them and I think that when she broke up with Metul and we hooked up again in Vegas, I think those feelings were knocked off the shelf.”

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Madison LeCroy thought Craig loved Naomie, too. “I will always love all my exes,” Craig said.

When Madison accused his and Naomie’s relationship of being “toxic,” Craig admitted he and his ex needed to address certain topics.

“We’ve got some s— that we need to talk about because it’s festering, but we see each other and we have fun and we act like nothing’s happening,” Craig said.

“That’s your specialty,” Austen quipped.

Craig didn’t want Austen butting in. “If you don’t have things that you want to say sorry to me about, then that’s sad,” Craig told Austen.

Inside, Naomie recounted the drama that happened at Kathryn’s party to Leva, Venita, Patricia Altschul and Olivia Flowers. When Olivia asked Naomie why she came to the party if she and Kathryn had preexisting tensions, Naomie and the rest of the women interpreted that as Olivia taking Kathryn’s side.

“I couldn’t make sense of the whole thing,” Olivia explained.

After the women piled on Olivia, she went back to Austen and informed him about the situation. Venita quickly came over and apologized. “I’m going to apologize because I’m a big girl,” Venita told Olivia. “I don’t want you to feel attacked. I’m sorry.”

Olivia accepted the apology and thanked Venita before the topic turned back to Craig and Naomie’s reconnection. This time, Austen spoke with Naomie about the subject.

“I’m convinced you two had like a mini-reconnection,” he said, “whether it be two weeks, three weeks, a month. That’s his style.”

Naomie insisted she and Craig only slept together twice, but Austen only knew about the one time. “He was like, ‘One time. Never again,'” Austen claimed. “The way that he described what had gone on was like, ‘I was right. And she came calling and we hung out and yeah, we slept together.'”

A flashback to Kathryn’s party then showed Craig talking to Austen and Shep about the hookup, in which the Pillow Talk: What’s Wrong with My Sewing? author referred to it as “closure.” “I woke up and I was like, I’m done. I was like, I’m not into this anymore,” Craig said.

That description hurt Naomie. “I literally don’t believe that he would describe me in that way,” she told Austen.

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Then Craig walked in, so she brought the accusations to him in a one-on-one conversation. “Those words would never come out of my mouth,” Craig alleged.

In a confessional, Naomie said she sought out Craig as a familiar face in the wake of her breakup. “When Metul and I broke up, I was so heartbroken and I think in reaching out to Craig I was seeking comfort in somebody that I trust, in somebody that I knew understood me,” she said. “But it was just kind of a fleeing thing.”

Still, she didn’t appreciate how Austen characterized their her and Craig’s reconnection. “What hurt me so much is you insinuated that I was your ex for a reason because it just like wasn’t fun and whatever,” Naomie told Craig.

Craig assured her they had an “amazing experience.”

“I don’t have any regrets about it,” he continued. “I love you to death and you know that. You know I’ll always feel that way about you. I wish you would’ve gotten to know me, like who I am today. You would’ve liked the guy.”


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